Can Gov. Chris Christie be the GOP Presidential Candidate in 2016?

by emilianopadron

After the George Washington Bridge scandal was released to the American people especially to the residents of the State of New Jersey, there has been questions about Gov. Christie’s future as the GOP Presidential nominee in 2016. If Gov. Christie survives the GWB scandal and runs for President in 2016, will he survive the GOP Primary debates? During the debates, Gov. Christie will be attacked by the other GOP candidates and he will need to find a way to counterattack them and to answer each question. He will be asked about how come he was not aware what his staffers were doing and saying throughout their emails, how he allows his staffers to “delegate enormous authority” but one of the most important things that the opposing candidates will argue is that Gov. Christie lacks of LEADERSHIP and what a President needs is leadership.

Now, Gov. Christie is facing another issue, he won’t receive full support from all conservatives because those who are at the far right of the political spectrum are going to see Gov. Christie as too moderate. Also, many of Romney supporters are still upset with Gov. Christie because when President Obama went to New Jersey to meet with Gov. Christie and see the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy weeks before the Presidential Elections, Gov. Christie thanked President Obama for going to New Jersey. During those days Mitt Romney and President Obama were tied in some polls and after President Obama meet Gov. Christie, he was ahead of the polls so Romney supporters blame Gov. Christie for Romney’s defeat in the Presidential Elections. The bottom line is that Gov. Christie has a long and difficult road to become the GOP Presidential nominee for the 2016 Elections.