Gov. Christie In Denial

by emilianopadron

Gov. Christie spoke at his weekly radio program called “Ask the Governor,” where he kept denying having knowledge about the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, even when the former Port Authority David Wildstein said on a letter that Gov. Christie had knowledge about the closure on the GWB. Gov. Christie said that he found out about the lane closures when he read the Wall Street Journal but prior reading the Journal, he did not had knowledge about it. While Gov. Christie has been in denial, former Port Authority David Wildstein told the New York Times that there is evidence that Gov. Christie knew about the GWB closure lanes but that evidence has not been released, so no one knows if there is really evidence. Christie’s office responded immediately saying that “David Wildstein will do anything to save David Wildstein.” Gov. Christie had knowledge about the closures of the GWB but he is trying to save his political career as Governor and potential Presidential candidate in 2016. And, for how long can he keep his lie?