Demonstrations In Venezuela

by emilianopadron

 Dozens of protesters took out the streets of Venezuela to protest against President Nicolas Maduro. It was organized by the Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and caused 3 deaths, 23 were injured . Leopoldo Lopez said that the idea to go into the streets is to protest corruption, crime and the economy. The last few years, Venezuela has become one of the most dangerous countries in Latin America and in 2013, Venezuela had the lowest economic growth in Latin America with 2.3%, just below Mexico with 2.5%. Maduro argues that the opposition leader is trying to force him to step down with a coup plot but Leopoldo Lopez has responded that it’s not a coup, he seeks Maduro’s “Exit” as President. The banners that the protestors were using said “The Exit.”

Venezuelan authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Leopoldo Lopez with charges in conspiracy, terrorism and murder during the demonstrations but Lopez has denied the charges and said that he is expressing his right of assembly. Lopez and other opposition leaders have said they will continue to protest in streets regardless what President Maduro says or what the authorities do. Hundreds of students have been arrested but thousands of demonstrators remain in the streets to continue to protest.

Since Maduro took office in 2013, he has become more dictator than Chavez. In less than a year in office, he decided to have control over both Chambers meaning that he does not need the approval of both Chambers to pass a bill or any type of legislation during one year.  We still don’t know if Maduro will have control over both Chambers for one year or he will decide to have control for over than a year. If Chavez would’ve wanted to take control over both Chambers, he would’ve called for a special election just like he did in 2007 when he wanted to change the Constitution and lost, then did it again in 2009 and won. Under Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela has become less democratic and more tyrannic.