House Republicans Blocked GOP Immigration Proposal

by emilianopadron

Rep. Jeff Denham of California proposed for the second time his bill called the “Enlist Act,” which allows young children who were brought illegally to join the military and gain legal status. Many conservatives reacted to Rep. Denham’s proposal saying that it’s amnesty and they won’t support it. Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama said “I don’t think it’s in Americans best interests from an economic standpoint to dramatically increase the job opportunities for illegal aliens who are competing against American citizens for those jobs.”

Denham has brought this proposal because he served in the U.S. Air Force and many in the Air Force were immigrants. But, when majority of House Republicans oppose the bill, it’s unlikely to be passed sooner or later. Early this year, Speaker John Boehner revealed a set of immigration reform principles but,the majority of the GOP members don’t want to debate or to vote on the issue before the midterms elections so, Speaker Boehner pulled back and said that immigration reform won’t pass this year because House Republicans don’t trust President Obama. Not voting before the midterms could mean that the GOP could lose the Senate and just have control of the House. Rep. Denham said that he will continue to push for the bill.